Code of Conduct | Theatres of Georgetown | Kentucky

Code of Conduct

New policy:  Beginning Friday, June 21 all shows beginning after 8 PM are for patrons ages15  and older unless accompanied by responsible adult throughout the movie. Anyone under the age of 15 must have a parent or responsible adult accompanied them throughout the movie.

No children admitted to R rated movies that begin after 8PM.

We expect all persons to respect others and not be loud nor disruptive in the theatres.

We expect cell phones to be put on silent during the movie- if you need to use it step into the hallway.

We expect patron to not theatre hop

Language in the lobby and hallway should be G rated at all times and please used inside voice levels.

No outside food nor drink is permitted within the theatres.

No smoking nor vaping inside at all

No  alcohol may be brought into the Theatresof Georgetown 

Although full licensed service animals are permitted, sorry no pets.